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Radha  Krishna is a famous love legend of all times. Their love affair is most memorable and very hard to miss any of them. Krishna’s love affection towards Gopis is represented as symbolic of the loving interplay between the Human soul and God. Click here for Radha Krishna Images. Radha’s love for Lord Krishna was great and always her name is uttered whenever Krishna name is arises. Krishna worship is incomplete without the Radha deification. There are many temples of Sri Radha Krishna in India and outside India also. Don’t forget to watch indian god images in good quality.

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images of lord krishna and radha in love

images of lord krishna and radha in love


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Radha krishna images with quotes

Radha krishna images with quotes

Radha krishna images with quotes

Krishna never married Radha due to several reasons. Their love is eternal. Their romancing story is the stuff of history and legends. Radha, lover of Krishna, has been perceived differently by various people. She is sometimes the amorous and adulterous lover of Krishna and at other totally different. It makes her the confusion character in the Indian mythology.

All devotees’ starts chanting Krishna name, dance and sing in the name of the God. In India, Radha Krishna is worshipped by the young girls to get a loveable husband like Krishna in their life.

Krishna is known to be very mischievous and playful. In some cities of the India, there is a tradition to keep the idols of both Krishna and Radha in a palanquin which is well decorated and carried along the main streets in the city.


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Radha- Krishna is a symbol of true love and always appreciated and respected by the devotees all around the world.


when the Sun in the twelfth century Jayadeva Goswami wrote a famous poem Gita Govinda, the divine Krishna and his devotee Radha concerning the spiritual love affair between celebrated throughout India to worship that.

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Good Collection of krishna wallpaper for mobileIt is believed that the search for Radha Krishna left the circle of the rasa dance.

Chaitanya school believes that the name and identity of Radha in the Bhagavata Purana describes the phenomenon is concealed in the verse has been revealed. It is believed that only a shepherd girl Radha No, but the origin of all the gopis, or divine personalities participate in the rasa dance

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Radhakrishna can be broken into two parts – Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and his consort Radha. Krishna in Vrindavan sometimes depicted with Radha standing on the left, on whose chest Lakshmi seated


Indian mythology illustrates the divinity and spiritualism being born in India.It is proven to western part of the world that all vedic and religious scriptures written in India holds a lot of significance even today. There is still debate going on that whether Vishnu came onto earth with his 9 incarnations. However with each of his incarnation he left some motifs and memorable incidence which exist till date.

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We may be unfamiliar with Vishnu all avatars but his eight incarnation of taking birth of Krishna is known to the whole universe. He was famous not only for his notorious and mischievous behaviour but also his love life with Radha is an exemplary form .

Radha abodes in krishna heart like an unending flame. There love and affection towards each other is a notable one. She waited for him patiently for five long years without opening her eyes. Radha was a daughter of She belonged to Vrindavan. When Krisna met her in Vrindavan it was her radiance that spell a charm over him. It was also Krishnas behaviour and his enchanting melody of flute made her to fall for him.


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It is always practised to take their name in unity as “Radha Krishna”. As one could clearly depict if R is removed from word it becomes “radha Krishna”. This was Radha’s significance in Krishna’s life.

They were two souls who never met and who never drifted apart. Krishna had moe than 16000 wives and Radha was married to some other person however there love for each other was pure, everlasting, enchanting the entire universe.Together they had Raas Leela and gopis dancing around them.

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radha krishna wallpaper for mobile

Radha krishna images hd

radha krishna wallpaper latest

Radha krishna images with msg

Radha Krishna Images


Radha Krishna Images with msg


It is always thought that Vishnu took incarnation of some form in order to destroy evil on earth. Hence Krishna portrayed a divine, spiritual and chivalrous personality. Radha who was a form of Shakti also ensemble a partner who never left Krishna’s side. Radha Krishna Love and bond is an example for modern days couple. Following are their love lessons which needs to be incorporated in ourlove life in order to be bliss by heavenly abodes Couple


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