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Sai Baba of Shirdi was born on 28 September 1835 live in Shird he is also known as Shirdi vale Sai Baba and he is an Indian spiritual master Sai Baba is also known as Shirdi Sai Baba who was born on 1835-1918 and resided in Shirdi. He was an Indian spiritual master who is regarded by his devotees as a fakir and saint according to their beliefs. Sai was revered by both his Muslim and Hindu devotees. Don’t forget to watch indian god images in single article.

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Check out Sai baba images here. Sai Baba is worshipped all around the world by his devotees. His sole was self realization and had no love for expensive things. He always taught a moral code of forgiveness, inner peace, helping others and devotion to guru and God. He never believed in religion or caste. Actually, there is no exact information is given regarding Sai Baba’s actually name, time of birth or place. He gave elusive responses about his past always.
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Sai Baba’s devotees and disciples clam that he used to perform various miracles such as mind reading, exorcisms, levitation, lighting lamps with water, stopping blindness and helping devotees in a various way. He also gave Darshana to his devotees in the various form of Krishna, Sri Rama and several other gods according to the devotee’s faith. His devotes have many stories to believe.
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Sai Baba appeared in their dreams and gives them useful advice. He is worshiped by prominent Zoroastrians such as Homi Bhabha and Nanabhoy Palkhivala. Click here for sai baba wallpaper. There are so many temples of Sri Baba in India. Many temples are located outside India which includes Kenya, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Canada and Japan.
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Sai Baba the most revered spiritual guru evolved in Kalyuga. He is amalgamation of Hindus and Muslims rituals and beliefs. Sai Baba’s earlier life is anonymous to anyone though he was seen practicing penance under a neem tree when he was a lad of 12 years old. He came to Shirdi with a marriage procession and never left the village. He advised his devotes to follow the spiritual path with devotion and patience. He always chanted “Sabka Mailk Ek” which signifies God is one in the whole universe. One can have a look at Sai Baba’s Images and can be easily drawn towards him with his charisma and simplicity in his eyes.
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Inhabitants from all over came to him at with their problems and always went back with peace and satisfaction. He said that he shall grant salvation even from his tomb. He was dead but his bones could speak. Sai Baba burnt Dhuni in Shirdi and it is believed to be immortal.
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Sai Baba cured all diseases by applying udi on patient’s forehead which was a strange way to trat a disease. In today’s world we are all busy in our own life and are always self centered which leads to be away from the path of spiritualism, hence Hemadpanth the well known devotee of Sai Baba wrote Baba’s life teaching referred as sai sach charitra. It describes the Sai Babas day to day livelihood and his way to approach towards life. It also teaches a devotee how to be desire less and practice preaching which is the ultimate path of achieving salvation.
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Shirdi Sai Baba images can be seen in the Hindus as well as Muslim houses. He never discriminated mankind on the grounds of caste, creed, poverty or affluence. He treated all as one. One can be mesmerised by looking at Sai Baba photos and feel the strength. His eyes reveal the struggle Baba has taken for the welfare of his devotees. He cooked meals with his own hands and fed to the poor and animals.
 Sai Baba Images
He himself lived on alms. In the begging pot whatever he got he use to distribute it among his devotees. The soil and the stones of Shirdi are blessed as they have the experienced the touch of the Baba’s lotus feet. Sai Babas images always has a famous saying “you look to me, I look to you” which depicts that looking at his pictures or by chanting his names there is the feeling of ecstasy and one can feel his presence around them. One can go in Trans while meditating on him and that joy knew no bounds.
Sai Baba also has many followers all over the world, one such saint was satya sai baba. He was famous for following Babas way of life. Shirdi has become a pilgrimage place for pilgrims all over the world. It is as pure as Mecca and Haridwar. It can be seen that there were some known names associated with Baba who spend their whole life in serving Baba some of them are Shyam, Baijabai, Tatya, Das Ganu and many more..
He is buried in a tomb which is a Samadhi mandir in Shirdi. Lakhs of devotees visit shirdi to pay homage to the obedient servant of Supreme Lord. You can download HD images of Sai Baba easily and feel his presence in your day to day life.

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