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Udham Singh was an Indian revolutionary born on 26 December 1899 and is popularly known or assassinating Sir Michael O’Dwyer who was the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, British India. He was assassinated on 13 March 1940. He was assassinated by Udham Singh because of the infamous Jallianwala Bagh Massacre which happened in Amritsar in 1919. Udham Singh was a prominent figure in the freedom struggle of India and has fought many fights against the British government. He is sometimes popularly referred to as Shaheed-i-Azam Sardar Udham Singh. A district in Uttarakhand is named Udham Singh Nagar after him. You can see Shaheed Udham Singh images on the internet.


He has been a part of many revolutionary groups such as Ghadar Party, Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and Indian Workers Association. He was an active member of the Indian independence movement and has done a lot for the independence of the country. He made his way all to London where he planned to assassinate Michael O’Dwyer and he killed him.
He was under trial by the British Government for the assassination of Sir Michael O’Dwyer and was found guilty.He was convicted and was sentenced t death. He was hanged till death at Pentonville Prison on 31 July 1940. When he was asked about the reasons for killing Sir Michael O’Dwyer, he said that he had a grudge on him because he wanted to crush the spirit of his people so his crushed him.
Apart from that, he is not scared of death because what he did was right and he is honored to be dying for the sake of his motherland.
After killing him, Udham Singh did not try to flee from the location and was arrested by London police on site. You can see Udham Singh images download them from Google and other websites.
He was later convicted by the court and was hanged till death. Even after his death, the flames of his revolution was burning in the hearts of many freedom fighters and after him they carried forward his legacy of fighting against the British government. He also left his spirit and courage in the hearts of people for whom nothing comes first than their motherland. He did a lot for the country and was not scared of dying if it is for the sake of his motherland. He fought many freedom struggles and contributed a lot for the country’s independence.


He was part of various other revolutionary movements which was fought for the independence of the country. He along with his brother and other activists fought till their last breath to get freedom for India. He is remembered as the great martyr because of his act of sacrificing his own life for the sake of country and its people. He is remembered till date for his valor and courage and for all that he did for the country. You will see many Udham Singh wallpaper on the internet which you can download and keep as a remembrance and honor for the great martyr.

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