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Lakshmi Bai, the Rani of Jhansi born as Manikarnika was the queen of the state of Jhansi ruled by Marathas. She was one of the popular figures in the revolt of 1857 and became a symbol of resistance to the British Raj. She was born on 19 November  1828 in in a Marathi Brahmin family in the holy state of Varanasi. Her birth name was Manikarnika and was called as Manu which was her nickname. Her father Moropant Tambe was the retainer of Chimmaji Appa brother of Baji Rao. Her mother was Bhagirathi Sapre also known as Bhagirathi Bai. You can see Jhansi Rani photos in the Internet with all her details.


When she was 4 years old her mother died and her father worked in the court of Peshwa of Bithoor district where the Peshwa considered Manikarnika like her own daughter. The Peshwa used to call her Chhabili which means playful. She was given education at home and was more independent compared to others of her age during her childhood.

Her studies included horsemanship fencing and shooting. She was married to Raja Gangadhar Rao Newalkar, Maharaja of Jhansi in May 1842 and was called as Lakshmi Bai in the honour of goddess Laxmi. She was a lady of immense courage only men showed.

She played a vital role in the revolt of 1857 and in the independence of India. Her role inspired many women and man to fight for their country against the Britishers. She showed the Britishers what she can do and she defeated them in the battlefield as well. You can check Lakshmi Bai images and you will know how brave she was.


If you want Jhansi Ki Rani images for free then download them from the Internet and you can use them as your desktop wallpaper. She is mostly fighting with the Britishers while carrying a child on her back who is her son Damodar Rao.

Even the Britishers sings offer courage which she showed during the revolt and she fought till her last breath. She was just unstoppable and was a commendable fighter who fought for the freedom of our country without thinking of her family or her own self.

You can now have your own collection of Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai photos by downloading them from the Internet are from Google and can use them as your desktop or mobile wallpaper. You can also keep the images as to remember the lady who was fearless, brave and courageous throughout her life and sacrifice her life for the goodwill offer people and her motherland.

Check Jhansi Rani images on Google and you can get inspiration from this lady who showed amazing heroism that even left men behind.

The spirit with which he fought for the country is unforgettable and her struggle is still heard in many folklores and poems. She has been one of the heroes of India’s freedom struggle and her contribution was huge. You can know about her in detail from her birth till the time she was alive and fighting for the country in the Internet.









Lakshmi Bai-photos

Lakshmi Bai-photos











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