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Mangal Pandey was an Indian soldier born on 19 July 1827 in Nagwa, Ballia district, India. He played an important part that immediately outbreak into the Indian revolt of 1857. He was a sepoy by occupation in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry regiment of the British East India Company. While the British opinion considered him a mutineer and traitor, the people of India considered him a hero of modern India. A postage stamp was issued in 1984 by the government of India to commemorate him. You will be able to see Mangal Pandey images on the internet and in various movies were also based on his life and actions.

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The East India Company

Mangal Pandey joined the East India Company’s army in the year 1849. He is however known for his attacks on several regiment officers and such incidents marked an opening stage for the revolt of 1857. The same incident also paved way for his death too as his actions was not considerable by the British officials and was against their law.

Mangal Pandey became rebel and a revolutionary from a sepoy and that the British people did not liked. Since he was employed by the British Government, he was expected to follow the British Government but instead of that he fought for his country.

See Mangal Pandey pictures fighting for his motherland on the Internet. Mangal Pandey was fearless and brave and has never thought for his own life. He was a patriot who always wanted to make his country free from British Raj and did many things.

His contribution to India’s freedom will never be forgotten and has been one of the prominent figures in the independence of India. You will also see Mangal Pandey images when you there will be any discussion about the freedom fighters of India. He along with many other freedom fighters fought till their last breath for the country and made India’s independence possible.

Apart from that, he has also been commemorated by the government in many ways and is still remembered as one of the major character in the independence of India. He was the major reason of the Revolt of 1857 and was one of the vital parts of the revolt. He inspired others to fight for their country and show the British that they are no less and will take no dominance from the British people as it is their country and freedom is their right. He died on April 8, 1857 in Barrackpore, Calcutta, Bengal province, British India.

You can download Mangal Pandey wallpaper from the internet and can make it your desktop wallpaper too. This brave figure has always shown us that it is never too much when it is about your country. Always be ready to serve your country till your last breath and never step back when your country needs you.

Many movies have also been made on this true warrior and you will get to know about his life and actions during the freedom struggle


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