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Khudiram Bose was an Indian revolutionary who was born on December 3, 1889 in Habibpur, Midnapore district, Bengal Presidency. He was one of the youngest revolutionaries who took part in the Indian independence movement. When he was hanged, he was just 18 years, 8 months and 8 days old. He was born in the village of Mohaboni of Keshpur Bock in Midnapore which is now known as Paschim Medinipur in West Bengal. See Khudiram Bose images on the internet and you will know how young this martyr was when he was hanged by the British officials.


The first step towards the freedom strugggle

Despite of his young age, in the year 1902 and 1903 when Sri Aurobindo who was a revolutionary leader at his early age and Sister Nivedita visited Medinipur to deliver lectures with a secret planning with revolutionary groups, Khudiram was among the teenage student community who was burned with the fire of revolution.

From then onwards, Khudiram took his first step towards India’s freedom struggle that made him a boy-martyr. His young age did not bring his courage down. Instead, he dared to ask a teacher of Midnapore Collegiate School, Hemchandra Kanungo for a revolver. You can see the dare in Khudiram Bose images that are available in Google.

The first assignment as a revolutionary

When he was sixteen years of age, he planted bombs near police stations to target government officials. However, he was arrested three years later for the charge of conducting a series of bomb attacks. The specific bombing for which he was jailed and was sentenced to death had resulted in the death of 3 persons.

Later on, he along with Prafulla Chaki was selected by Barindra Kumar Ghosh for the murder of former Chief Magistrate of Calcutta Presidency and magistrate of Muzaffarpur, Kingsford. They were sent to Muzaffarpur, Bihar to execute the task. See Khudiram Bose photos to see this young boy in action

The failed mission and execution

However, Khudiram was unsuccessful in completing the mission and was arrested by the British officials tragically. He was detained for his act and was tried on 21 May 1908. Many attempts were done, many lawyesr took Khudiram’s defense and fought for him without any fees and did it for the country.


However, the British turned a blind eye to any of the appeals made and were stick to their decision of delivering death sentence to the young revolutionary. Even Khudriam was not scared of his death and was fully prepared to embrace his destiny but he was persuaded by his defense team to appeal in the High Court but of no use.


Even the High Court too gave the same sentence neglecting their law. Finally, he was sentenced to death and the death sentence was to be carried out latest by 11 August 1908 which was the day when Khudiram was hanged. The entire country mourned for this boy-martyr and threw flowers and garlands post his death when the carriage carrying his dead body passed by the streets of Kolkata.

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