image of Allah name with Allah image Wallpaper in HD

Allah Almighty is the one true creator of all men. This also included everything within the world. A verse of the Holy Quran says, “The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them; but shun such men as use profanity in His names: for what they do, they will soon be required” (Surah al-Araf, verse 180).The image of Allah name is therefore essential to be present in every Muslim home.

You can download the Allah image or purchase it from a religious shop. There are a number of designs and patterns available towards Allah image download.



Why is the image of Allah name important?

There is no doubt that the peace of mind and body of a human being depends on his body and heart. The heart ensures peace while the body ensures rest in the remembrance of Allah name.

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Muslims can find comfort on the chanting of the Allah name. Having the image of Allah name inside the home makes it easier to remember to chant. He/she is thus remembered and honored to have Allah as the protector and supporter, making him/her worthy.

If you believe that reciting over the image of Allah name is useful then do so in full faith. One should, therefore, aspire to great expectations and remember Allah with his names and attributes. There are 99 names of Allah and getting an Allah image is very easy.

Those who remember Allah by reciting his name are strongly urged to continue doing this virtuous deed. You draw closer to him and receive innumerable blessings and forgiveness. Remembering Allah in heart and tongue is a great way to remember him via the image of Allah.

Benefits of reciting from the image of Allah name

The beloved Prophet has advised everyone to remember and praise Allah by reciting from the image of Allah name. It is also very easy and possible to recite while doing other tasks as well.


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The benefits of reciting the image of Allah name are:

  • It expels the devil
  • Weakens devil’s ploy
  • Removes devil’s whisperings from the heart
  • Allah is pleased with this
  • Wipes away the worries of our life
  • Our sadness is removed
  • Allows us to achieve daily livelihood
  • Invites dignity and delight in life
  • Builds radiance in our lives
  • The love of Allah is achieved
  • The ethics of religion is maintained
  • Happiness and salvation is received
  • He remembers them who recite his name
  • Calmness and tranquility is achieved

Some Names of Allah

Some of the names of Allah are:

  • Al Rahman
  • Ar Raheem
  • Al Malik
  • Al Quddus
  • As Salam
  • Al Mu’min
  • Al Muhaymin
  • Al Aziz
  • Al Jabbaar
  • Al Mutakabbir
  • Al Khaaliq
  • Al Baari
  • Al Musawwir
  • Al Ghaffaar
  • Al Qahhaar
  • Al Wahhaab
  • Ar Razzaaq
  • Al Fattaah
  • Al Alim
  • Al Qaabidh
  • Al Baasit
  • Al Khaafidh
  • Ar Raafi’
  • Al Mu’izz
  • Al Muzil
  • As Sami/Al Sami’
  • Al Basir
  • Al Hakam
  • Al ‘Adl
  • Al Latif



As you see the of Allah name in every household is important in many ways.


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