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Rahul Dravid is a versatile Indian cricketer; known for his technique. Rahul Dravid is well known best batsman for the Indian test match. He is confined to test match and also branded as proficient batsman in test matches. His defensive technique got him the name as ‘The Wall’. You can also watch more Cricketer Images from this website.

The truest form of gentleman is what he is known for because of his hardwork, adeptly and intellectualism. You can see Rahul Dravid images which defines simplicity.  

Rahul Dravid saw 453 wickets fall while batting at the other side of the crease in a Test Career- the most by a batsman in a Test Career.

A truly embodiment cricket persona Rahul Dravid HD images can be downloaded here.

The Wall nickname justifies him as he has the ability to lead from front, to shield the entire team from the complicated situations the way a fortress wall protects an empire from the external attack.

Sachin is God… Ganguly is God of off side… Laxman is the God of 4th  innings… But when the doors of the temple are closed, even God is behind The Wall of India

Terrific role model saying that while youngsters look up to Tendulkar in awe, they could actually be Dravid Sunil Gavaskar. Now this is truly legendary words from a veteran cricketer.

He played hard to meet his style suited in ODIs and he surpassed it by playing T20 innings for India in 2011, and with hat trick sixes, he was nicknamed as firewall.


Rahul Dravid style is admirable while he is playing he depicts some of the sportsman qualities which are required to have a longevity in game of cricket for instance he maintain calmness and patience in whatever he is doing he also said in one of interview” Do the work with patience aiming at the goal until you succeed

His courteous nature has drawn many fans to respect him and be worthy of their favouritism. He would sign innumerable autographs and pose for photos without a flinch which is quiet adorable in cricket frenzy nation.


I simply adore Dravid quotes and his excerpt after each of his achievements. Let’s take a sneak peek, when he reached 10000runs milestone in test career, he said, When I look back, I probably exceeded my expectations with what I have done over the last 10 to 12 years. I never had an ambition to do it because I never believed – it is just a reflection of my longevity in the game”.


Rahul Dravid was honoured with a membership to the elite sports panel of Laurels sports. Dravid happens to the 47th member of the panel and the second from India after Kapil Dev to be a part of the same.


His IPL career graph is totally different from ODI and test. He initially played for Royal challengers Bangalore and then he shifted to Rajasthan Royals. He proved his mettle and integrity when he was not spotted in match fixing in IPL.


In 2004, Dravid was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India. Dravid is also one of the two batsmen to score 10,000 runs at a single batting position and is the third highest run scorer in Test Cricket.




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