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Shikhar Dhawan is one of the promising Indian cricket players who had to cross many Shikhar in his game of cricket. Shekhar Dhawan has reckoned his place as a left batsman opener. He belongs to Capital of India. His body signifies his clan aggressive and muscular torso belonging to Jat family. . You can also watch more Cricketer Images from this website.

Shikhar Dhawan Journey of cricket was not a pleasant route. After lots of hardships, grit determination he survived to remain on top position. Dhawan waited for almost nine first class season to showcase his batting skills in test match. Shekhar Dhawan almost took a vengeance of this wait as he stunned everybody when he stroked fastest century as a debutant.

Dhawan was injured with his hand injury he was out of the test and few IPL matches but a surge to play again gained his lost spot and emerged Player of the Tournament in England Birmingham. He ensured that it was not a one off and he followed up with 248 from 150 balls for India against South Africa.

Shikhar Dhawan has good records over a period of time which ultimately leads him in Indian Cricket team. He was a leading scorer in under19 world cup with an average of 84.16 coupled with three stunning centuries; he was honoured as a player of the tournament. Followed by this the Ranjhi trophy also held Shikhar to new heights scoring 578 runs in eight games.

Shikhar contemplated as to whether he deserves in Indian cricket after a lot of despair, rejections in matches. But a new dawn always brings new hopes and as the day arrived he raced to make 187 runs from 174 balls with hitting fastest century and becoming man of the match. A new beginning for a man long written off started with replacing his old team mate and a boy from his native Mr. Sehwag.

Shikhar Dhawans flamboyance and exemplary talent was scrutinized by Hyderabad IPL owner and he was an indeed a great player to scale up Sun risers Hyderabad.

You can download Shikhar Dhawan HD images while he is being played on field posing his various famous shots. Dhawan’s personality reflects on his game as he is the most aggressive batsman. He has collection of shots, and favorite being the off-drive and the straight drive. Shikhar Dhwan’s career chart denotes an ECG machine where sometimes he has performed very well and some matches he fell for a duck.


He made his first debut in ODIs against Australia where destiny didn’t support him. Although his performance in IPL was fantastic. After his IPL success he was opportune as an opener batsman in ODI leading to disappointment. However his initial scores came at his rescue and were given a chance to play as an opener.

Shikhar played with a relentless pursuit emerging as the player of tournament in ICC Champions Trophy  where he scored 363 runs in just five games, including fabulous dual centuries and a half century. He slammed Aussies and West Indies…

Shikhar Dhawan
may be derived as a stud who etched tattoos all over the body along with a rambling in Delhi gullies with superbike, and shaking his body to electrifying music he also relies on yoga, meditation to calm himself. Shikhar Dhawan exemplifies a male who respect women and has himself broke the stereotype of Society by marrying a woman who is 12 years elder to him and borne two kids from her earlier marriage.

Shikhar Dhawan was reported for a suspect bowling action. However this issue surely has no importance as he is not even a part-time bowler and the match was the rare occasion when he had the ball in his hand.

Virat Kohli has Shikhar Dhawan in his favorite of books and backing him he says that Shikhar is a dominating player, and it is not possible to count on a guy for a couple of innings here and there.This truly represents whole of Shikhar Dhawan dynamic role he has contributed in Indian team


Shikhar Dhawan images are easily accessible below



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