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The most endearing Cricketer who took cricket to new heights and the one with his consistent and persistent nature were admired by many then upcoming cricketers. He was the one who made Indians mad about the cricket after his excellent performance in world cup 1983 and in other games as well. It is none other than the person who is a cricketer, an author, and also Indian coach ‘. The most cheerful cricketer of a millennial ‘The Kapil Dev’. You can find Kapil Dev images easily on this site. You can also watch more Cricketer Images from this website

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His entry into the world of cricket was at a time when India depended only on spinners, it was a Kapil Dev who bought a revolution through his style and lifted the World Cup, which made whole of India to go awestruck as it was not foreseen by any of the cricket fan.  A small town boy with his determination and continue hardships made a journey from dusty pitches to well-crafted pitch on the grounds, from going to broken knees and holding dust laden ball he was transformed by cascading himself holding the world record number of wickets.It was vividly observed how Kapil Dev with his merger resources defied conventional game.
He sowed the seeds in the heart of every Indian that cricket can be played in a style of his own accord and was admirable in every way. This can be seen in 1983 world cup by all the leading cricketers as well as all cricket frenzy fans.

The whole India became fan of Kapil Dev in 1983 world cup game. He was a one man show in world cup and what a Rajnikanth Kail was for his team could be seen here: In 8 matches; he scored 303 runs, took 12 wickets and held seven catches. The person who has not seen or played cricket in life have decided that a man who scored 5248 test runs and took 434 wickets for his country was a pariah.

People were crazy about cricket because of master blaster but the craze was planted in these people through the pioneers like Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar.

You can download HD images of Kapil Dev playing cricket during his younger days. It is often said that cricketers after retirement have passion for high end games; which holds true here for Kapil dev as well he started playing Golf after his retirement.

Kapil Dev also coached Indian team post retirement. Kapil Dev not only masters in bowling and taking a wicket he also masters the art of writing. His famous books like Straight from the heart, By God’s Decree and Cricket my style have notable features and insights of Kapil Dev and his style of cricketing. Kapil Dev had also joined the Indian Territorial Army and was honoured as a Lieutenant Colonel. He joined as an honorary officer. It seems Kapil Dev want to etch his name even after he is gone therefore he has pledged his organs in an event organised by urological society in Delhi. He is indeed an admirable personality.


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